Slack starts testing dark mode on iOS and Android: Here’s how to try it

Slack decided to go with a dark grey color for the app’s dark mode, instead of true black that is used in the dark mode of other apps. The dark theme applies to most parts of the app, including headers, pop-ups, and menus, but it does not affect the color palettes of Slack rooms.

Activating dark mode on Slack’s beta app uses a relatively normal process, unlike Facebook Messenger which recently rolled out dark mode as a hidden feature. Instead of signing up as a beta tester, Facebook Messenger users unlocked dark mode by sending the crescent moon emoji to anyone, unleashing a barrage of falling crescent moon emojis on their screen.

Dark mode is a highly requested feature among apps for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it saves battery life for mobile devices and because most users find it easier on the eyes than the usual default white backgrounds.

Slack’s addition of a dark mode is arguably more significant compared to the feature’s integration in other apps due to its nature as a workplace collaboration tool. It is easy to use, and there are various tips and tricks that users can do employ to maximize the app. Dark mode on Slack may make it even more pleasant to employees who are on it day in and day out through the work week.